Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up Waxing My Ride For Shine Armor’s Fortify Quick Coat

By Mark Simon - April 30, 2020

Have you always been a bucket of soap and wax kind of person when it comes to detailing your ride? Maybe you have tried some of the newer stuff on the market that claims to make your paint flawless? I’ve tried it all, and none of the new stuff on the market ever worked like it promised!

There is just nothing that I enjoy more than detailing my ride. It has become much more than a hobby for me and more like a lifelong passion of mine. I’ve always been pretty traditional with detailing my cars. I’ve always stuck to some really good soaps and waxes. This was great, but there was always one big problem. My cars were filthy, and unprotected within a few days!

I was tired of finding new scratches, swirl marks, and paint transfers right after giving my cars a good detail.

Cars are a depreciating asset, which means that keeping your ride protected should be your number one priority! I just wasn’t getting the long lasting protection that I need with waxes. I should have got the hint when my detailing buddies put down the waxes years ago. They used to poke fun at me saying that I was “living in the stone age” for using wax still…

Eventually I just had enough… I was tired of finding new scratches, swirl marks, and paint transfers right after giving my cars a good detail.

My detailing buddies were always trying new stuff on the market. They would talk about which products weren’t “hydrophobic” enough or which products weren’t “durable” enough. That all changed when they found Fortify Quick Coat by Shine Armor.

The Ultimate One-Step Waterless Wash, Shine, and Ceramic Coating Formula

Finally I heard them talk about a product that was affordable, easy to use, and ultra-durable! It was an advanced all-in-one formula for waterless washing, shining, and ceramic coating. I looked on Amazon and they had an incredible amount of raving reviews, but their website had the fastest shipping option available so I ordered from there. Two days later my Fortify Quick Coat arrived and I immediately put it to the test!

After a few days of using Fortify Quick Coat I cleared my garage out of all waxes. It was a bittersweet moment as I’ve always been a wax guy, but this new stuff was just incredible.

Here are a few points that I think are worth noting:

•   Easy To Use Spray

This was the easiest stuff that I have ever used. You simply spray on, wipe off, and repeat! The more applications that I did, the better my results were.

•   No Smearing, Streaking, or Scratching

Even with a ton of dirt on my cars from driving in Las Vegas this stuff ate right through it all. It almost completely dissolved all dirt/grime on contact. By my second application it was absolutely spotless. Pretty much the definition of a Showroom Shine!

•   Long Lasting Protection

I had to try the water beading test after seeing everyone do it online. I have to admit this was probably the most impressive feature. I took my hose to my hood after a week or two of applying Fortify Quick Coat and I don’t think I’ve ever seen water run off like that before.

•   USA Made

I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy products that are Made In America. Too many detailing products are now coming from China where there is almost no quality assurance and ethical labor laws.

•   Money Back Guarantee

Look, the product was already really affordable so it’s not like I was going to freak out if it didn’t live up to the hype. My detailing buddies also really know what they’re talking about so I was confident in my purchase. The icing on the cake though is Shine Armor’s Money Back Guarantee if I didn’t like the product. So I really had nothing to lose!

My Final Thoughts

It’s not that often that I come across a product that's worth writing about. I’m beyond happy that I put my “stone aged” waxing products to rest and updated my detailing arsenal with some Shine Armor. Like I mentioned before, I was getting really irritated with how bad of a job my traditional detailing products were doing. This stuff really rekindled my love for detailing.

My family (even the ones who aren’t into detailing) are using Fortify Quick Coat on their cars too. My brother has a huge F-150 and says it’s the fastest that he has ever detailed his truck and that his shine was “blinding”! It’s also worth noting that it works great on ALL surfaces. I’ve tried it on my plastic trim, mirrors, and of course my paint.

It’s funny, now that I have Shine Armor, I see it everywhere online. I even saw it on a few of my favorite TV stations the other day!

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